World Physiotherapy Day, 8th September is celebrated worldwide to highlight the importance of physiotherapists and their crucial work in assuring people’s physical fitness.

The importance of physiotherapy is when a marked difference occurs in the physical ability of the patient and a better quality of life that he experiences as a result. This day also marks the obligation that the world owes to the existence of physiotherapists in medical science


The World Physiotherapy body chooses the theme. This year the theme is “Prevention and Management of Osteoarthritis”. The theme is changed every year, depending on all the various medical conditions associated with physiotherapy.                                                         

The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which can also be a severe medical condition. This situation occurs mainly at the joints where the cartilage dries up and weakens. The bones cushioned by the cartilage at the intersection of the joints start to decay. The decay happens mainly due to old age, where the cartilage gives way, and the bones start rubbing against each other, which causes immense pain. Undoing the pain involved brings in the role of the physiotherapists, whose job is to help manage the pain.

Our chief guest : Dr. Shruti Kumar,PT who has achieved so much success and various titles, MRS.INDIA SOUTH 2K21

It was a successful event which included a quiz and competition for students and an award ceremony for all the students and staff who have performed well academically and clinically.



Compilation by: Dr. Divya Sajjana PT, MVM College of Physiotherapy

Contributed by: Dr.Ishita Vyas PT, Dr. Ranjeet Kumar PT, Dr. Subhabrata Das PT and Dr. Karthik PT,

MVM College of Physiotherapy


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