Which Course is Better?

what is business?

Commerce is a branch of business which is associated with pre-production and post-production activities. Industries produce and commerce supplies, or perhaps just fund the industries. Finance being the backbone of any business, industries cannot produce money. Hence, commerce does it for the business to run smoothly. 

Companies perpetual succession is until the business is rich enough to sustain the market competition. It doesn’t matter whether the owners are dead or alive. The managers run the organization and the organization runs the business. It is therefor the organization making it possible for its long run and success.


An organization comprises of the management team, strategic team and the tactical team. Each having a separate role to perform. However, this is not the case in every organization. Different managers decide and design the organization based on the objectives to be achieved.


The organization is a group of people. Managers alone cannot form an organization. The reason behind is not just the workload but the skill requirement. Organization do not just demand skills but demand them with greater in comparison. And it is humans they who have it. 

Therefore, spread in a spectrum, it is humans who can run a business not technology. Technology, money and materials are all derived from human’s mental ability and a wide range of skill set.


These skillsets are acquired by both men and women in a way that suits well for them. However, education is the right place for one to master them all. But education has a limited scope, though. It is not because of the access to education but because of the limitation that human has over acquiring skills. Human is not perfect for all the aspects. 

Therefore, the modern education system has divided the skills into various groups according to the information and industry requirements. Each group is defined as a subject and a group of subjects is further called a course. 


In a broad sense, they are categorised as streams such as

  1. Science
  2. Commerce or management
  3. Arts.

Where science deals with manufacturing, commerce deal with pre and post-production, and Arts deals with designing and legal aspects. 


Commerce and Management both are independent with their characteristics. To justify here are a few points

  1. Commerce deals with cost and profit determination.
  2. The management deals with its functions to achieve the desired profit. 

However, Commerce management is a separate concept under management. 


It’s important for one to look into what skill inspire to adapt to work culture. Based on that one can decide to a course and successfully get into the desired job role.


We have a simplified process of selecting the course to make it easy for you. 

Follow the links below. We hope that you’ll be served with the information you’re looking for.

The below links consists of the following information

  1. Course description
  2. Subjects
  3. Syllabus
  4. Industrial visits
  5. Scope or jobs
  6. The skills you can acquire
  7. Scope for further studies.
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