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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an immune mediated process in which an abnormal response of the body’s immune system is directed against the central nervous system (CNS). Within the CNS, the immune system causes inflammation that damages myelin sheath, the fatty substance that surrounds and insulates the nerve fibers as well and the specialized cells that...
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Children with cleft lip and palate exhibit multiple issues like feeding problems, delayed speech and language skills, misarticulation, dental problems, psychological problems, etc. Hence the testing and treatment of children with cleft lip and palate requires a team of professionals who are expert in the field. The multidisciplinary team includes: Children with cleft lip and...
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international yoga day
The  International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on June 21st since 2015, following its launch at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in 2014. India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in his United Nations speech, lifted the 21st of June, as it is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and shares...
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sickle cell day 2020 MVM group of institutions
By:- Dr. Homesh Choudhary, Assistant professor, MVM College of Pharmacy. World Sickle Cell Day World Sickle Cell Day is commemorated on June 19th of each year to raise public awareness about the sickle cell disease and its treatment methods.  Do you know? Millions of people do not know they have sickle cell trait, because the...
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World Elder abuse awareness
The World Elder Abuse Awareness Day WEAAD is an initiative launched by the United Nations’ World Health Organization and the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse. The WEAAD is observed on June 15th each year across communities around the globe to spread knowledge of abuse and neglect of older people.  Background: The world is...
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The 25th foundation day of RGUHS The Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences on 1st of June 2020 celebrated its 25th foundation day amidst the nation-wide lock-down. The University made the necessary arrangements to comply with the social-distancing  guidelines provided by the medical fraternity and the government to combat the prevailing pandemic. This event was...
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The second of June since 1976 is being dedicated to celebrating the International Day of the Sex Workers. This day came into being in 1975 after more than a hundred sex workers occupied the Saint-Nizier Church in Lyon, France, complaining about their exploitative living conditions.   A brief into the background: The French police in...
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The United Nations dedicates 15th of May each year to celebrating the International Day of Families. The UN and the Universal Peace Federation are the forces heading this celebration. Importance of Family Day: This day helps spread awareness of issues pertaining to families.It helps us understand the impact of economy, demography and social reforms on...
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national endangered species day 2020
World Endangered Species day is celebrated on fifteenth of May. It gives the opportunity to all age-groups to learn about the endangered species and how to protect them. With urbanization and increased demand for premium animal-based goods, the state of the world biodiversity stands in jeopardy. In 1964, the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s...
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The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 1995 dedicated April 23rd to be celebrated as the International Day of the Book / World Book and Copyright Day to promote reading, publishing and copyright. This day stands significant as it marks the birth and death anniversary of Sir William Shakespear and the death anniversaries of...
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