Own Hospitals

From starting out as a vision of one man’s dream to the reality of revolutionizing the health care industry, we are proud to be the flag bearers of this paradigm shift with our clinical excellence, patient eccentricity, and ethical practices integral to healthcare.
It’s long been believed that healthcare providers can improve their standard of care, staff skills, and increase access to equipment outside their facility, through collaboration. Now, a study has revealed just how extensive those benefits can be.

Core Values

At MVM, we are devoted to clinical excellence, patient-centricity, and ethical practices. Our commitment to clinical excellence is palpable in the high caliber of our team of medical practitioners. Our nursing staff, Physiotherapy, and paramedical professionals are highly competent and provide great support to our clinical team. Our healthcare services are aligned with our patients’ needs. Creating a compassionate and supportive environment for students is of the utmost importance to us. We attach the highest importance to ethical practices which is evident in our professional conduct, honesty, trust, and confidentiality.

Benefits of Own Hospitals

1. Students can practice in any department of the hospital as long as he/she wants to take the time as per the day. They can also do the case study of the patients.
2. Students can have award rounds with the experienced doctors and can participate in the case discussion.
3. Our experienced faculties give training about all the sophisticated types of equipment used in the hospitals.
4. Most importantly our students have hand zone experienced which increases their knowledge and practice.

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