Research Labs

MVM Research Center

(In collaboration with Genelon Institute of Life Sciences, Bangalore)

Instruments Available:

  • Flow Cytometer (The MACSQuant Analyser) – Model: Miltenyi Biotec, Germany
  • Inverted Florescent Microscope (The EVOS Fluorescence Imaging System)- Model: EVOS FL, Life Technologies.
  • Cell Sorter (The MiniMACS Separator)- Model: Miltenyi Biotec, Germany.
  • Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR)- Model: ECO RT-PCR, Illumina.
  • Oxygen control CO2 incubators (O2 – CO2 Incubator (For Normoxic/Hypoxic Growth Conditions)- Model: Thermo Scientific.
  • Protein Purification Unit (The Biologic LP System)- Model: Bio-Rad.
  • Fibrometer (STart4 Coagulation Analyzer)-Model: Diagnostica Stago Inc.
  • SPECTROstar Nano-Model: BMG LABTECH, Germany.

Services Offered:

  • We undertake contract research and collaborative research projects on the following categories:
    • Analysis of various samples using UV, IR, pH, flame photometry, conductometry.
    • Design and Formulation of drug delivery systems.
    • Characterization of semisolid dosage forms using Brookfield’s Viscometer.
    • Detection of inorganic compounds, proteins.
    • Microbiology studies.
    • Extraction and Isolation of active constituents.
    • Pharmacological &Toxicological studies using animal models.
    • Drug Testing & Toxicity Studies using Stem Cells for Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes.
    • Cell Proliferation Assays using Hepatocytes, Neuronal cells, Fibroblasts, T Cells.
    • Drug Discovery and screening using G- Protein.
    • In-vivo and In-vitro drug screening models.
    • Molecular Biology Studies.
    • Electrophoresis, DNA& RNA Extraction.
    • Drug designing using software like Design Expert®.

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Research Coordinator:  Ms. Avril Mathias-8050569516

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