What is Applied Anatomy?

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As a branch

Applied anatomy is the branch of anatomy where the anatomical knowledge is practically applied to help diagnose and treat medical conditions.

Applied Anatomy

As a study

Anatomy is the core subject of every health care study. The knowledge of body parts, their layout, boundaries and contents etc. form the very foundation of knowledge of the human body and is vital to every health care practitioner and student. The other subjects almost stem and advance from here and hence without proper knowledge of anatomy one wouldn’t be able to effectively and efficiently participate inpatient care (one of the major reasons why every health care professional regularly revises his/her subjects and stays updated).

Uses of Applied Anatomy

The knowledge of applied anatomy where anatomy is used to diagnose and treat conditions is essential in order to keep up with the recent advancements in medical technology and patient care. Extensive research is being done in order to implement newer and more effective means of patient management. It is essential hence to incorporate in practice the learning acquired from the subject and revise it regularly to help oneself incorporate evidence-based-practice efficiently.

The advantages of applied anatomy

  • Diagnosis of pre-existing medical conditions
  • Treatment of the medical condition
  • Development of better means of patient care
  • Developing newer techniques of teaching techniques
  • The field of clinical research
  • Adding to or expanding anatomical knowledge

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