MVM opts for “Online Teaching” during tough corona times!

The MVM College of Physiotherapy, MVM College of Pharmacy and MVM College of Allied Health Sciences have chosen to continue the academic momentum by resorting to online teaching method.

Online teaching is a system of education where there isn’t any physical or on-campus class sessions. These can be arranged for a handful of enrolled students or be made accessible to a wide variety of participants. In times of such health emergencies with cities going on lock-downs and colleges shutting down for its students to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is wise to also keep up with the academic momentum in order to prevent from burdening both students and faculty once the classes commence.

Online teaching gives scope to share and access information easily and readily. Here the teaching faculty and students are able to interact on their area of interest regardless of their geographic location.

Advantages of Online teaching:

  • Instant accessibility: to course materials, schedules, assignments and lessons
  • Flexibility: in terms of goal setting and geographic location
  • Easy progress tracking
  • Ample time for students to get their queries cleared and for the faculty to formulate appropriate responses
  • Global interaction: with students from across the city, states and continents
  • Added convenience for those who incorporate technology in their everyday lives

Limitations to online teaching:

  • It requires strong time-management skills and self-motivation
  • Could be tedious for the less technically savvy
  • It is internet and technology-dependent hence, susceptible to network connections, browser compatibility issues, etc.
  • Reduced in-person contact with professors and classmates
  • Responses to queries may not always be immediate
  • Less social interaction outside of class

We at the MVM Group of Institutions are intending to provide a free of cost demonstration on how online teaching can be done effectively on Monday 23/03/2020 11 a.m. to a limited number of participants. You are invited to be a part of the programme.

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