Developmental anatomy and Embryology, same thing?

This post by the MVM Group of Institutions is directed towards clearing another common confusion; are developmental anatomy and embryology the same subject?

Developmental anatomy and embryology are both different branches of anatomy that are often confused to be the same. Another explanation to this can be that embryology is partly developmental anatomy and that they share a simple sub-set relationship the same way that biology is part of science!

Embryo Ear

Embryology is a Greek derived word where EMBRYON means “the unborn” and LOGY means “study”. It deals with the study/development of the foetus during the gestational period while developmental anatomy deals with the various systemic developments occurring in the organism as he ages. It is through the knowledge of developmental anatomy that we are able to estimate the age appropriate physiological, psychological and systemic developments in the organism.

developmental anatomy deals with systemic changes in the body through all life stages

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