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Blood – The fluid of life – an essential element of human life with no substitute. Blood transfusions have saved millions of lives, yet the quantity and quality of blood available has always been a major concern in our country . Shri Mukesh Surana, Director, MVM Group Of Institutions in association with Lions club of...
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SESSIONAL EXAMINATIONS BACHELOR OF PHYSIOTHERAPY – I & II YEAR It is hereby notified that sessional examinations of 1st year Bachelor of Physiotherapy are scheduled to be held from following dates. S.No. Exam Date 1 1st Sessional Examination 10.05.21 2 2nd Sessional Examination 25.07.21 3 3rd Sessional Examination 25.09.21 Note: 1. Examination Time: Theory –...
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World Pulses Day 2021
Pulses are highly nutritious elements of the human diet. However, not everybody eats pulses. Many are ignorant of the health benefits of pulses. Looking at this scenario, the United Nations decided in 2018 to dedicate a day to spreading awareness about the benefits, value, and worth of pulses.   So, with the collaboration of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the...
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union budget 2021
The budget 2021-22 was presented by Finance Minister of India, Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman, in the parliament on 1 Feb 2021. This is the first digital budget in the history of India.  The highlights of the budget are divided into General followed by direct & indirect taxes.  General: Seven mega textile investment parks will be launched...
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Cancer poster 2021
Cancer is a large group of diseases which develops in the body when abnormal cells divide and grow uncontrollably, spread and invade the adjoining parts of the body. A Neoplasm and Tumour are other common names for cancer. Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally 10 million people die from cancer every year. At...
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WHAT IS LEPROSY? Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease caused by a bacillus, Mycobacterium leprae (M. leprae). Also known as Hansen disease-after the discovery of the causative organism by Hansen. The disease mainly affects the skin, the peripheral nerves, mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, and also the eyes. Leprosy, if not diagnosed and treated...
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World Anti biotech awareness week
Each year in November there are initiatives taken around the world to raise awareness about antibiotic resistance. “Be careful! Antibiotics can make you more prone to infection” AIM: World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) aims to increase awareness of global antibiotic resistance and to encourage best practices among the general public, health workers and policymakers to...
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World Citizen Day
What is World Citizen Day? The World Citizen Day observed each year on 19 November is done with the intention of breaking barriers between fellow humans to come together as one big nation. Significance of World Citizen Day Factors like race, religion, culture, geographical location etc. have divided humankind into various groups, classes and sects....
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World COPD Day
Today on 18th November 2020 is the 19th annual World COPD Day.  This year’s theme, “Living Well With COPD – Everybody, Everywhere” looks to send a positive message to both patients and providers that although COPD does not have a cure, there are many ways to actively live well with the disease.  Chronic obstructive pulmonary...
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National Journalism Day
“Journalism without Fear or Favour”  “The freedom of the human mind is recognized in the right to free speech  and free press.”  – Calvin Coolidge   November 17, National Journalism Day, the date that celebrates the free spirit of  Journalism in India. This day celebrates the freedom of speech, thoughts & virtues of media as...
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