MVM starts online classes amidst Covid-19 lockdown

It’s been almost four weeks now since the staff in the MVM Group of Institutions have started teaching online to keep up with the academic momentum.

Many educational institutions across the state chose to mitigate the anxiety prevailing due to the COVID-19 pandemic by notifying its students to stay home, thereby lessening the crowd otherwise gathered in and around educational institutions and other public places like bus stops or neighbouring restaurants etc.

The MVM College of Physiotherapy, MVM College of Pharmacy and the MVM College of Allied Health Sciences have chosen since to take classes online.

The Government of India announced a 21-day lock-down a week after in-lieu of containing the COVID-19 spread. Keeping in mind the safety of its staff, both teaching and non-teaching, the institution embraced the 21-day lock-down in accordance with the Karnataka state government.

Prof. Dr C. Prabhu, Principal, MVM College of Physiotherapy, Prof. Rajeswari, Principal, MVM College of Pharmacy, Dr Divakara S. V. Principal, MVM College of Allied health Sciences and the staff of the colleges have been actively involved in preparing for both theory and practical classes of all subjects.

Prof. Dr C. Prabhu who has been actively associated in online Radiology teaching used his experience to help guide his staff and the other teaching faculty of the MVM Group of Institutions to ensure effective online teaching. Some of our staff who aren’t familiar to the new format of teaching took the guidance of our senior faculty and also attended online training to be efficient in their work and help our students to the best of their abilities.

Our staff has been working round the clock to compile and create explanatory images, videos and slides while annexing extra literature referencing to help in the learning process.

Quality education is our top priority and we look to keep up with the latest technology on hand to help effective learning and active participation of our students while we are at it.

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