Nigerian Deputy Controller of Immigration Services Visits MVM

Bishir M Lawal

On October 2nd of 2020, the Nigerian Deputy  Controller of Immigration Services, Bishir M Lawal, visited MVM Group of Institutions, Bangalore. On his visit to MVM Group of Institutions, he interacted with the students about their well being and academics. He also had a discussion with the students and the institute on visa and passport related subjects.

Bishir M Lawal
Bishir M Lawal with Khalil Mohammad reviving the token of gratitude.

He was welcomed by the MVM Group of Institutions where after he had a discussion with Dr. Prabhu, the principal of MVM College of Physiotherapy. He was then felicitated with a token of gratitude.

Bishir M Lawal
Bishir M Lawal arriving at MVM Auditorium

On his visit he was assisted by Khalil Mohammad, Student Coordinator, who later visited other students in and around Bangalore.

On having a look at the college building and Vagus Super Specialty Hospital, he praised the superiority that MVM Group of Institution had over other institution in providing quality education.

Vagus Super Specialty Hospital

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