World Heart Day

Why World Heart Day?

29th of September each year, is observed across the globe as the World Heart Day. This day has been dedicated to learning and spreading awareness about the importance of cardiac health. With urbanization and lifestyle modifications at its peak, cardiac health of people across nations is deteriorating at a pace faster than earlier estimated. 

Sedentary lifestyles and processed foods have become a norm in almost every household and this has taken a toll on the heart and its functioning. It is important for us to realize the hazards of these in the long run on various body systems. 

Cardio-vascular diseases have been a leading cause for death world-wide, claiming 17.9 million lives each year. This makes it  important for each one of us to focus on our heart’s health

The concept of World Heart Day

The World Health Federation (WHF) in 1999, in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO), established the World Heart Day. Antoni Bayes De Luna, (president of WHF between 1997-1999) pioneered the concept. 29th September has since been dedicated to learning more about the heart, its health and the various advancements in cardiac care.

MVM observes World Heart Day

MVM Group of Institutions observe this day today as the World Heart Day as we spread awareness on the importance of this day among all our students, staff and readers. We encourage everyone to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Simple lifestyle modifications can be made for a healthier heart and body

How to keep your Heart healthy?

We have listed for you few simple lifestyle additions that your heart will thank you for making:

  • Move more! Refrain from sitting for long hours in a place. Get up and move every 15 minutes. Walk while you talk on the phone rather than sitting in a place. Take the stairs wherever possible etc.
  • 10 minute workout! Just ten minutes a day dedicated to exercise may not seem much, but in the long run will have substantial benefits on your body.
  • Quit smoking and avoid being a passive smoker
  • Quit Alcohol as it does have scientifically proven benefits but the harm caused by its consumption is more profound than its benefits
  • Watch your diet! Incorporate healthy wholesome foods in your diet and stay away from packed processed ones as much as possible. Take time to prepare your meals and avoid take-outs on a routinely basis.
  • Stress management nothing is more important than your peace of mind, as only then will you be able to keep your other requirements in check

Cardiac care at Vagus Super Specialty Hospital

At Vagus Super Specialty Hospital, we treat patients with Cardiac related problems by providing world class treatment. Cardiac related problems have been increasing but the treatment available have reduced the risk of life.

We wish everyone a very healthy heart day! A Happy Heart, a Happy YOU!


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