World Citizen Day

What is World Citizen Day?

The World Citizen Day observed each year on 19 November is done with the intention of breaking barriers between fellow humans to come together as one big nation.

Significance of World Citizen Day

Factors like race, religion, culture, geographical location etc. have divided humankind into various groups, classes and sects. These man made divisions have long subjected people to discrimination, slavery and torture.

A day like such is important so each of us is aware about the various kinds of cultures, traditions, religions and beliefs that exist around us, so we are better aware of them and more accepting of such practices. 

The World Citizen Day is celebrated to help understand, identify and respect the diversity within and around the communities and societies that we dwell in.

World Citizen Day

How did the day come into being?

The World Citizen Day first came into being in 2000. The AWC, Association of World Citizens in 2000, filed a resolution proposing that 19th November each year be observed the World Citizen Day. In 2002, the Canadian Centre of World Citizens, launched the Newsletter no.11 to celebrate this day in Mississauga. 

The Aim of The World Citizens Day is to help establish the understanding among all that; The humans of the world are one big united nation, and that any decision made by a handful will have an impact on others.

MVM helps you contribute by being a good world citizen

Every individual has the potential to contribute to the least bit by acknowledging the diversity around us. The MVM Group of Institutions today is helping its readers help the planet as we observe the World Citizen Day. We will be listing few simple strategies or beliefs that can be easily adapted into our thinking and lifestyle to help for a more sustainable planet and a thus create a better world for us and our children to thrive in.

  • Be respectful of others beliefs. To each his own and instead of trying to find faults in one another, try looking for the one thing common between you and them. You will find something in common should you only try to find it.
  • Be accepting of other cultures and traditions. Beauty lies in the diversity around, one will only find it more alluring when he notices the vast difference in lifestyle, tradition, food and cultural practices. One does not necessarily have to imbibe them in his own way of living. He should instead, be more tolerant of his neighbor.
  • Travel to learn. Travelling and exploring new places and newer ways to living, can only help broaden your ideas and thought process. As you witness different cultures and practices among you, you become more aware. This explains the massive increase in the number of tourists and explorers in almost every continent in the last decade.

Understand that it is only love that can bring us together and in the world today, we need more love than ever before.

We encourage you to share with us your ideas on celebrating this day in the comments section below. We wish you a Happy World Citizen Day and hope that you make it count!

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