MVM Celebrates Doctors’ Day 2020

India celebrates National Doctors’ Day on the 1st of July each year. This day is dedicated to honor the surplus efforts and relentless services imparted by the community of doctors across our country.

Doctors Day is observed on different dates across the world. India has observed this day since 1991 to pay tribute to its imminent physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr B. C. Roy. He was born on 1st July 1882 and died on the same date in 1962.

Significance of Doctors’ Day in 2020:

This year in particular, has been hard on all medical professionals as they form the forefront of the COVID-19 battle. Doctors round the globe are risking their lives as they set out to help COVID infected patients cope from their state. The efforts and dedication from them during this very troubling time from the very beginning, has been absolutely incredible.

Doctors from across specialties have been coming together to help in spreading awareness, contributing to medical  research or by stepping out of their homes to help the ailing patients while the rest of the world remains in-doors.

Celebrating Doctors’ Day:

Doctors are among the most indispensable professionals in every society. A day like this aims at raising awareness about the role that they play in a society, their importance, their responsibilities and to help promote the medical profession.


We at the MVM Group of Institutions acknowledge the tireless efforts regardless of how small or big, by our doctors to help the society cope with this very difficult time and are grateful to them for their contributions. On a better day we would be looking forward to organizing free-health camps and health check-ups to make the most of this date. However, we understand the gravity of the situation around us and respect the governments’ efforts towards containing the pandemic spread. We encourage everyone to avoid a crowd, maintain self hygiene and follow the social distancing guidelines.

We Thank our Doctors for saving lives while risking their own. Indeed, not every superhero wears a cape!

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