Centre of Advanced Physiotherapy has been one of the dream come true for MVM College of Physiotherapy. The major credit to the Principal Prof, Dr. Prabhu who has been working towards making it into reality and also the support and warmth from our respective Chairman is overwhelming. The event was celebrated with the presence of all dignitaries and Chief Guest Mrs. Shruti Kumar.


On the occassion of World PT day 2022, we have also one more great achievement to add on which is the one year completion of the Centre of Advanced Physiotherapy opening.


The event was also honoured with the presence of our chief guest Dr. Shruti Kumar who has achieved great success in modelling. She has recently achieved the title of MRS.INDIA SOUTH 2k21, MRS.GLAMOUR INDIA, OUTSTANDING INFLUENCER OF THE YEAR 2K21


This Centre has become a success and we can justify it  by the number of patients we are handling on a daily basis. It provides services of various fields of Physiotherapy including: Musculoskeletal disorders, Trauma, Neurological Rehabilitation, Pediatric Physiotherapy, General Fitness and others. We have been treating patients who visited from in and around Banglore  and continue to spread our services furthur and better.

Compiled by: Dr. Divya Sajjana (PT) , Lecturer, MVM Institute of Physiotherapy

Contributed by: Dr. Ishita Vyas (PT) , Dr. Subhabrata Das (PT) ,Dr. Ranjeet Kumar (PT) , Dr. Karthik (PT)

MVM Institue of Physiotherapy

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