Monthly Seminar Series II

Topic: Orientation on Intellectual Property Rights- Career in IP

Date: 1st October 2021                                                                                               Speaker: Dr. Umesh V Banakar


Monthly Seminar Series II was conducted on the 1st of October 2021 with the theme “Orientation on Intellectual Property Rights- Career in IP”. Dr. Umesh V Banaker, Professor of Pharmaceutics and an Independent Consultant/Advisor, was the speaker for the event.

The event began with the blessings of the almighty through the invocation song followed by the lamp lighting ceremony.

The event was graced by Prof. Dr. Prabhu (Principal, MVM College of Physiotherapy), Prof. Sandeep (Principal, MVM Pre- University College), and Prof. Rajeswari R (Principal, MVM College of Pharmacy).

Prof. Rajeswari welcomed the dignitaries, staff and the students for the event.

Dr. Umesh V Banakar emphasized about the importance of Intellectual Property Rights. The goal of the seminar was to create awareness in the staff and the students on the Intellectual Property and the Rights associated with it.

Dr. Umesh V Banakar
Dr. Umesh V Banakar

He spoke on the differences between “being intelligent” and “being intellectual” by using examples in common day life. Further, he explained about the various domains in IP.

By stating real life incidents, he helped the students understand the steps in filing an IP. He also spoke about the numerous cases that he came across in during his tenure as an Independent Consultant.  He also addressed the students on the various career opportunities in IP and the path to be followed to have a career in IP.

He was also generous and invited the staff and the students to attend a course on IPR in his Goa – Center for Excellence in Intellectual Property [G-CEIP].

Prof. Rajeswari had a conversation with Dr. Umesh V Banakar on the career opportunities for the pharmacy graduates in the US.  Dr. Umesh V Banakar spoke about the various Universities which offer courses for further studies in the US.

The event ended by the vote of thanks by Ms. Avril Mathias, Assistant Professor, MVM College of Pharmacy.


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