Covid -19 Vaccination Camp was carried out on 23th August,2022 in the MVM group of Institution, Yelahanka, Bangalore.

Vaccination has successfully been useful to get over the pandemic situation by reduction in the number and spread of the infection. Covid-19 specific vaccinations are constantly monitored by multiple health organizations purely because of all the pandemonium this virus has caused across the world. Hence, it becomes crucial for every citizen to take part in the vaccination drives organized by their local governmental bodies and other bodies offering the vaccine officially.

Vaccinations are known to boost your immune system by teaching your body how to fight threats.  Thus it is important to get vaccinated and such an initiative is a really kind gesture and a great service to the society.



It was a successful campaign in which more than 200 students were vaccinated.


Compilation: Dr. Divya Sajjana (PT), Lecturer, MVM College of Physiotherapy

Contribution: Dr. Ishita Vyas PT, Dr. Ranjith Kumar PT, Dr. Das PT & Dr Karthick PT

MVM College of Physiotherapy, Bangalore


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