Everyone has their own dreams but very few can accomplish that. sometimes its because they dont know the path to be taken for it or they are unaware of the possibilities.


We are very thankful to Dr.Anand Parkunan,Director of Healthshare Clinical Services,London, UK. He has completed his MSc PT (Keele University, UK),MSK Ultrasound (University of East London), MSK Ultrasound & Diagnostic Scanning (UK),PG CREL (Cambridge University, UK),PG Independent Prescribing (Medway, UK).We are glad and to him for giving his valuable time and conducting a workshop in MVM institute of Physiotherapy on his experience and the Carrers for Physiotherapist in the UK.


Our students learned a lot from the workshop and they got cleared with all their doubts regarding the career and expanding themselves as a responsible indivisual for the society.




Students Testimonial:

We are students of bachelor of physiotherapy of MVM college of physiotherapy firstly I give our thank for our faculty and our principal sir for conducting orientation and motivating us .We appreciate your thought. And special thanks for Dr Anand parkunan sir . We thank him for the way he structured the available time so effectively. And We are so great full to attend the orientation on the first day our journey. It was quite informative ideas how to build up our future in bpt course in India and as well as UK, Australia, Canada etc. And I thank you for supporting and encouraging us it’s means alot and it’s helps students like us to build up a good career as a physiotherapist with your guidance we had developed confidance and a capablity.



Special thanks to our principal: Professor Dr.Prabhu (Principal, MVM College of Physiotherapy)

Compiled by : Dr.Divya Sajjana    (Lecturer,MVM college of Physiotherapy)

Cordinated by: Dr.Subhabrata Das , Dr.L.Karthikeyan, Dr.Ranjeet kumar,Dr.Ishita Vyas

  (Lecturer,MVM college of Physiotherapy)

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