About MVM Group of Institutions, Bangalore


MVM Group of Institutions is one of the best institutions located in Yelahanka, a major city on the way to Bangalore International Airport. It is a governing body of all the other colleges that operate under it. Providing quality education and a career based course module is all that MVM Group of Education thrives for. 

MVM Group of institution has a long-run objective of providing remort courses to students who dream of a passion and goal-based education. So far in the journey, it has successfully established courses in medical, pharmaceutical, commerce, and computer domain.

Our Journey

Back in 2004, MVM Group of Institution was established by industry experts and like-minded people with its first college MVM Institution of Nursing Sciences.  The determination of the management has now added its name as a prefix for 6 more fully owned colleges. 

Unlike others, the MVM Group of Institution had SMART goals that helped it become one of the Best institutions in Bangalore. MVM College of Physiotherapy, MVM College of Pharmacy, MVM College of Allied Health Science, MVM Institute of Nursing Science, MVM College of Naturopathy and Yogic Science, MVM College of Management and Science, and MVM Pre-University College are the line of courses at MVM Group of Institutions, Bangalore.

Management Team

The MVM Group of Institutions is managed by Mr. Mukesh Surana, an advocate by profession and trustee of the  MVM Educational Trust. Sri. Mukesh Surana is an entrepreneur and conglomerate who holds experience in widespread business operations. His cravings for skill and career-oriented education for all has made MVM Group of Institutions stands tall among the rest of the colleges in Bangalore. The trust board is Chaired by Sri. Muniraj.


Smt. C.K. Shantha Venkatesh

Smt. C.K. Shantha Venkatesh, mother of Shri M.V.Muniraj was the force and support in the growth of MVM Educational Trust. Smt. C.K. Shantha Venkatesh played a pivotal role in the formation of MVM Educational Trust. Smt. C.K. Shantha Venkatesh, aged about 63 years. She is the Member Trustee of MVM Educational Trust. She sought to deliver value and excellence in education across disciplines. She inspired the MVM team to do better than the best. She has more than 10 years of experience in the education industry. She has pursued a Graduate Degree in Business Administration from Bangalore University.



Shri. M.V.Muniraj, aged 42 years, a distinguished educationalist with over 10 years of experience, is the Chairman and Founder Trustee of MVM Educational Trust. In pursuit of fulfillment of his ambition to establish educational institutions, Shri M.V.Muniraj was instrumental in the formation of MVM Educational Trust® which was registered on 23/04/2010. His vision to generate a culture of educational excellence has led to the development of successful educational institutions. He visualized the growth of MVM as an integral part of his grand vision. His sterling leadership qualities, remarkable foresight, uncompromising pursuit of excellence, humility, the prodigious capacity to motivate and trust people will continue to guide and inspire future generations at MVM. He has pursued Graduate Degree in Civil engineering from Bangalore University. In the year 2010, he founded the MVM Institute of Nursing Sciences. Later in the year 2018, he founded the MVM College of Pharmacy, MVM College of Physiotherapy, MVM College of Allied Health Sciences, MVM College of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences, and MVM College of Paramedical Sciences.


Mr. Mukesh Surana

Mr. Mukesh Surana, is a graduate of Law from the University Law College, Bangalore. His early passion in legal premises leads him to practice Law since year 2001. From them, he has been practicing law in High Court and various other courts in Bangalore. A visionary educationalist, Mr. Mukesh Surana has been active in the education domain for almost a decade by contributing his immense support and ideologies to bring in desired changes, establish institutions, and introduce modern courses to the demanding market of Bangalore.  He has been a major support for the MVM Educational Trust as a trustee to establish MVM Collge of Pharmacy, MVM College of Physiotherapy, MVM College of Allied Health Sciences, MVM Collge of Paramedical Sciences, MVM College of Arts Science & Management.




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